Saturday, October 25, 2014

Singing Hello Songs in the Classroom Builds Community

Need a great transition activity for your classes? I think singing a "Hello" song does the trick. Here's a video of the song I use with 3rd grade...but I think 3-6th would love it too.
Children need a chance to change gears from home to school, or Math to Music class. When we sing a song with them they are invited into our world and feel welcome and safe. These are two important things you need to establish for good classroom management.
Singing songs invites all to share from their deepest place--we've been doing it now for thousands of years and it's still what keeps us connected at church, concerts, patriotic assemblies, school and civic and sporting events. Aren't we all touched when the whole stadium sings The National Anthem?  Or when we join hands in song and prayer in our families? It's true even when we listen to the radio and sing a long--we feel connected. Why not use it in your classroom?
I wrote 5 Hello Songs for my students in K-6TH grade. They rely on the tradition of singing when they come into my classroom and look forward to it too. It helps the child who is struggling to move forward. I then sing each of their names and the class echo sings to me. This is how we bond and how I learn their names. Make that connection, Create common ground by singing at the beginning of every class!

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