Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Literacy and Music go together...it's something to gobble about. Kindergartners, First Graders, Second Graders and Third Graders love rhyming don't they? And we all know that they learn things so much better when set to poems or songs. I've found that when they use hand actions it helps them remember the words better too. So I thought I'd share some Free activities, songs, poems and finger plays with you. This is a fun FREE Finger play that would work well for K-2.

You can grab this Freebie Here:

Here's a fun Craft and Poem:
FREE Thanksgiving Turkey Handprint Poem

WOW!  This is 58 pages of Poems and Songs....amazing collection of Thanksgiving resources.

Thanksgiving Poems Chants and Performance

This one is a cute little booklet you can print for your students.
Five Little Turkeys - A Thanksgiving Little Reader (color

The last one I'd like to share is about Squanto helping the Pilgrims.

Thanksgiving - Squanto - Poem n' Project FREE

I have a product for sale in my TPT store--it's actually my best seller!  I included some adaptations of Native American stories, poems and songs. I especially like the story of the Three Sisters that tells about Squanto teaching the Pilgrims how to grown corn, beans and squash. 

 My first graders really got into weaving the beans around the stalks of the corn and keeping the weeds away with the squash.  I plan on integrating more of these types of songs in my class too as my students can play the songs on the xylophones. 

I hope you have fun finding all these Freebies!  I'm Thankful for this time of year because it reminds me of how grateful I am to be able to teach music!

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