Sunday, February 22, 2015


I just love March!  Not only is it my birthday month, it's my first born child's birthday month too. And it just happens to be Music in our School's Month (MIOSM).
Although we've got our Spring break smack in the middle of the month, I still plan on making it special and publicizing what I'll be doing in March. I've come up with some fun Ideas on how to make MIOSM special in your school.

Print and Post posters and printables everywhere!
THIS IS MY FREEBIE GRAPHIC. It's CLIP ART and you can put it on any color paper that you like, or a t-shirt, mug-anything!
                                    MIOSM POSTER FREEBIE "WHAT'S YOUR SUPER POWER?" I help kid
Publicity is a key factor in making everyone aware of the celebration. So I'm going to use the posters in our school newsletter, on the walls, bulletin boards and I can use the jpegs from the powerpoint on  FACEBOOK, PINTEREST, INSTAGRAM and other Social Media sites. This product comes with cards too!
These are fun bookmarks you could make for your students. BOOKMARK FREEBIE

MIOSM Music Makes Me... Bookmarks

IDEA 2: Teach and Discuss why Music in our Schools is so important. 
I teach my Instrument and Multicultural Music unit in March-April. As I teach students my St. Patrick's Day Game Song and listen to sound files, look at pictures and play Instrument recognition games, I'll be pointing out that these are the reasons they might like Music in their school. They get to SING, DANCE, PLAY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, which helps them be better students and makes their brains smarter. Then, I'll have my students write an essay or their ideas down about why music is important. You could hold an essay contest, poster contest.  My Kinders, First and 2nd Graders will use the Primary Printable and write a few sentences about why they like Music in their school.  
IDEA 3: Composition and/or Song Writing Activities or Contests
Why not have students compose a short RHYTHMIC or MELODIC phrase and post them on a bulletin board, wall or use them as practice for your other classes? You could put them all in a pile and let students choose one to play. 
IDEA 4: Bulletin Board Decor
Here are some of my favorite bulletin boards I've noticed on pinterest and in other blogs. Hopefully they'll inspire your creativity!
I like this one because it's just the big letters and then the teacher had student write notes about Music.

I like the simplicity of this one and the "active" words. I can see student work on it along with the pictures.

Here's one anyone can make! LINK
This one caught my eye because it's a FREEBIE and it's UNIQUE!
FREEBIE - Happy Music in our Schools Month Monster Poster - MIOSM

IDEA 5: Hold special performances during the month to highlight MUSIC IN OUR SCHOOLS.
I love the idea of scheduling some informal performances for students to showcase their musical skills.You might try having just one week of special performances or maybe doing some on a special day or on one day of the week. I know that when I've had students perform in the main hallway that everyone is very quiet and they really enjoy hearing the music before school starts. If you're really gung ho, you could have a whole assembly to celebrate MIOSM.

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