Sunday, February 15, 2015


Why, of course! I use Yoga all the time.
I just created a product that uses yoga poses. I love doing Yoga myself and I love to watch the kids try.
It's really fun. You can use the "Carnival of the Animals" music by Camille Saint Saens with it and it really works.

I worked on creating a sequence of movements that gives students time to BREATHE and MOVE differently throughout the presentation.
We begin with a STRETCHING ACTIVITY and then progress to more ACTIVE movements, FINALLY calming down to YOGA poses.  When teachers come to pick up their kids they are amazed at the calm feeling in the room. My students even exclaim..."I feel so calm right now!"  "Me too," I say with a smile.  It warms my heart.
 It's important to let kids move during the day to keep their minds stimulated but also relax too. That's why you can use this product in so many ways. It's a great warm up before a test, a calm down at the end of the day, or a good movement activity when you're feeling cooped up. I've provided several creative ideas for your classroom and flexibility in the product. You get a power point presentation too that enables you to move slides around or put in some other things you like. You can add your own music too.  Just follow the link to a Youtube video on how to do that. Cute Graphics by my favorite:

Whether you purchase the product or not, the premise is that you've got to get kids moving and you have to find a balance between "craziness" and "activity". That's why visuals make a difference. 

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