Tuesday, March 31, 2015

How to teach Instruments and Instrument Families to Elementary Students

I've always struggled teaching Instruments and their Families to my students because I never got all the sound files put together in one place and my pictures were black and white, or my computer wouldn't work and I couldn't access the cool sites available. So I put together a product to solve all those problems. Plus you'll find some great links at the end.
This is an amazing bundle of pictures, sound files, games and writing activities, sure to please your students as they learn about the instruments. It includes:
Power Point with Cards and Sound Files for all Instruments.
PDF for easy printing
Teaching Pages on SOUND
Description of how each Instrument Family makes Sound.
Set of Instrument Family and (49) Instrument Cards with the names and without names.
MP3 FILES embedded and separate for your use.
10+ Games for K-6 with Directions and Adaptations
Activities are in Black and White Printables.
STORY Activity & Writing Printable with template and example. (great for COMMON CORE Connections)
Printable for 3 Different Learning Activities
Print in Grayscale for fantastic Black and White Graphics.
Total of 150 Pages.

This bundle of pictures, games, activities, and writing printable will enable you to teach instruments, what they look like, how they sound, why they produce that sound, and what Instrument Family they belong to. 
The activities are adapted for K-6th grade.
You can use the sound files for personal use in your classroom only.
All work is copyrighted and is the express property of Sandra H Music.
For multiple copies please see the multiple license purchase price.
There are so many different ways you can use this product in your classroom!
Bulletin Boards
One on one activities with private students.

Whole class activities


Some great websites to help you with more about the instruments and specifically the orchestra:

San Francisco Orchestra Teaching Kids Site-You'll find the seating chart, the sounds, and games. Also a bit of history about the instruments.

CLASSICS FOR KIDS-Seating chart, sounds, games and explanations about the instrument.

I've also used:

I also use these videos:
Beethoven Lives Upstairs
Handel's Last Chance

Bizet's Dream

I also advise collecting some great Symphonic Samples of music.
One of my favorite one is:

The Instrument Family product is turning out to be a great teaching tool. Spending the time recording the instruments has really helped with student learning. It's so nice to have the sound files and pictures available---especially for the classroom instruments.
Happy Orchestrating!

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