Saturday, March 21, 2015


Want to "SHAKE" things up a bit?  SHAKE YOUR EGG! IS now a MOVIE!
Restless kids means less learning. How to beat the SPRING FLINGS? I recommend activities. You may think..."she's crazy! It just winds them up more!" I think that it depends on how you use the activity. If you just do the activity and then expect kids to get right back to work--then yes, you'll be frustrated. I think it's important to set the situation up-just like you'd prep them for a test, or to go on a field trip. What are some things you can do?

 How about giving them each a different colored shaker and explaining how to keep it quiet when it's not their turn--and explaining that every time the movie shows all the eggs-they can play?
Or, how about giving them bonus points for following directions during the activity? And expect them to transition to "the next subject" quickly and quietly.
Maybe the students who have high points get to do the activity at a small computer station with head phones?
What are the consequences if students don't follow the directions?
Do they get to sit apart from the class? Do they lose points? Do they have to write an apology?  What are some methods you might use to let the kids know that this is "fun", but it has to be FAIR for everyone?  I find that if I'm honest with the students, then they know I mean what I say. If I'm clear in my directions and consequences, then I have a higher chance of success. I know my students respect me when I say, "This is the kind of activity where I won't be giving any warnings. Here are the rules and if you can't keep them, then you'll not only lose your 'shaker', you'll also have to miss out on the activity and more." Sometimes I report to the teachers about their behavior. I do believe that you have to mean what you say. And most importantly-compliment the students who are following directions. Notice the ones who are being FAIR, KIND and having FUN. Complimenting students can let the rest of the class know what you're looking for. It also makes kids smile.  

I also included some printables. There's a coloring sheet with color word writing for a regular classroom teacher and some NOTATION Printables for Music Teachers. 
Most of all-Shake it UP! Kids enjoy surprises, rewards and compliments.

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