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March 4, 2015


Last week I shared a lot of resources to teach Irish Dancing. I thought I'd share some ideas about combining MIOSM and St. Patrick's Day lessons using COLOR!
Everything Green!
Check out these bulletin boards:
                       Decorating ideas for Music in Our Schools Month:
        Celebrating Music In Our Schools Month:        
                               Music in Our Schools Month. Students finish sentence "Music makes me__________". Take their picture with their 'word' and wa-la! Great bulletin board that showcases your students's love for music!:
        Would be good for Music in our Schools Month.:
I took a trip to the dollar store and found some cute graphics that I turned into a music lesson.
I made a pyramid using these cute hats and wrote note values on them. 

I like to use body movements to show the note values.
I have the students brainstorm ideas about how to show a long note-whole note, half notes and quarter notes. Although there are smaller hats-I'll ask students to show me eighth notes and we'll draw the hats on the board together-or I might have time to cut them out of paper and make some to use every year.

Hello Laddies and Lassies!
I purchased the hat and cute necklace for students to use during our game songs.
I also purchased foam four leaf clovers which students use in activity with popsicle sticks. They lay out four shamrocks and then create rhythm patterns to fit in the four beats. This lesson works well after using the pyramid visual and activity. Then we'll do a dance.
I also post a paper on the door for students to write thoughts about Music in our school. I love to see what they write about.
We began the March is Music in our schools Month this week with an empty piece of paper. I've been brainstorming with the kids using a circle map on the board for some creative answers. I've gotten the standard, we learn Rhythm, Melody, play instruments, dance-answers and have been trying to get ideas that go beyond the basics of "what we learn" to "why music is important". Finally today with my last class I got some great insights by my 3rd graders. You can see my notes below.

The one little boy, who said, "it helps us share our feelings"--oh am I so proud of him.  He's new to our school by just a month. He was so animated and enthusiastic in class that I told him he should be in our chorus.  I contacted his mom and she was so surprised. "He's shy", she said.  "Not in music class," I answered. She pulled me aside just the other day to thank me. She said that it's been so wonderful for him to make some friends and connect at school. I am a bit overwhelmed by the experience...yes, tears...he's just adorable and when he raised his hand to answer my question today in class, I wanted to run over and hug him to death. He'd expressed my deepest feelings--yes, it's the emotions that we share that make music so important.
Another comment that I didn't photograph was, "we learn about people from all over the world".
I've never done this type of activity with my students before--and I can't tell you the joy it brought to my heart to know that my kids--even 3rd grades--get it. They get why music is so important in our schools. They get the importance of the way music brings us all together. Doesn't it?  For me it does. It's the reason I compose songs and the reason I want to sing. I want to touch other's with that emotion--I want to share with someone.
Here' how the poster is looking on Tuesday.

I hope you'll check out my ST. Patrick's Day game songs, or at least take a trip to the dollar store and get some fun GREEN decor!
ST. Patrick's Day KODALY GAME SONG "Can You Catch the Lepr
St. Patrick's Day Game Song "Who Will Catch the Leprechaun

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