Sunday, March 1, 2015


Singing is an incredible way to remember information. 
How many of you remember a song from your favorite TV show?  You may not even remember your favorite episode, but you will most likely remember the theme song of the show and perhaps the theme song of a special character. I think that's why I liked Sesame Street. The producers connected learning concepts to fun characters and songs. Cookie Monster and his "Cookies are for me", and Kermit,"It Ain't Easy Being Green". You can use these two elements together to create an environment of engagement because employing visual and aural cues help us remember information.
 So when students sing a song they are creating long term memory connections that will help them remember the information.
ARIZONA State Facts Song"A-R-I-Z-O-N-A" *VIDEO *MP3 TRACKSI recently pulled out my ARIZONA song for my 4th graders to sing. "We know that song!" several of them exclaimed.  I had to stop and would they already know this song.  I said, "Really, what grade were you in?" "Second grade," they all shouted. "Ah the Centennial Celebration where everyone learned this song about ARIZONA." They smiled and I did too. 
I know this is why I believe music to be so important in our elementary schools. Many teachers "sing" their way through the day and claim it's the greatest way to get kids to remember facts and information, directions, manners, character counts--just about anything! I also believe that music education provides the foundation for students to connect to everything in the world. Learning music helps the brain make connections and as we employ singing songs about things we want them to learn-we are strengthening those connections too. Music is really for everyone. 
So to celebrate Reading and Singing together I put a packet of 4 songs that can also be used as poems together for Classroom Teachers to use in Literacy Circles, centers and Daily 5, and Music teachers to use to help kids want to Read too.

So the next time you set your glasses down and want to remember where they are? Sing a little song...My glasses are by the lamp, my glasses are by the lamp, heigh, ho, the derry Oh, my glasses are by the lamp. I bet you'll find them faster!

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