Saturday, April 18, 2015

BEAN BAG ACTIVITY SONGS for Classroom Managment

I'm always on the lookout for interactive activities. I like ones that incorporate READING-SINGING and MOVING. Bean Bags activities are a great way to build classroom unity. You can play easy games like hot potato and instead of the person with the bean bag sitting out--have them answer a question-or read something-or do something. You can use that game for Math Facts, Vocabulary Tests, Informational Text comprehension check, and for Identifying concepts like colors, numbers, letters. They also help students with fine motor skills, gross motor skills and social skills. Click Here for a freebie Game:

5 Bean Bag Activity Songs get kids moving! 

Pass out the bean bags. Say Hello, Toss, Pass, Boogie, and Twist while playing with fun movement power point show. 
Great for developing eye and hand motor skills or just getting out the wiggles.
Five activities they can move to between lessons or as a reward for good work.

Create a classroom management plan with rewards for good behavior-work-attitude and character.
 Use the activities as end of the week rewards. All you need are some bean bags.

Bundle includes Mp3's 

POWER POINT SHOW with Mp3 embedded with fun transitions and graphics with the lyrics.  Project on your board/screen or just on your computer for a center activity.

PDF if you want to print out the cards and place on your board or use in CENTERS.

Great SUBSTITUTE LESSON IDEA 5 songs last about 20 minutes .


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