Monday, April 20, 2015

How to Help Your School with Fundraising

This week our school is holding a "WALK and ROLL". Students get pledges from family, neighbors, friends and then donate the money to the school. In return they get a T-shirt and a chance to win prizes. On Friday, they'll walk the number of "minutes" they've pledged.
In order to help my school out, I changed the words to "DYNAMITE" and create a video for each class. Then the students are pumped up to bring in their pledges and get a chance to see themselves in a video. We did this in 1 class (40 minutes total). I'm sure I will be "sick" of this song by Thursday, but the dramatics are worth it!

I can't give you the music file-due to copyright. But you can find the KARAOKE version-just click the link.

FADE OUT.....(literally!)

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