Sunday, April 26, 2015

Mother's Day is Just Around the Corner--Are you Ready?

Mother's Day will soon be here and mom's will be looking forward to their children singing songs, reciting poetry and writing lovely thoughts on cards to say "I Love You, Mom". I remember writing many a poem myself for my mother. She is a very actively engaged grandma! We loved going to the beach and playing outside a lot. She still can run circles around most of us.

I've written many songs about mothers too. This one is titled "One is Two". Those of you who have been pregnant understand my meaning!   Since Mother's Day is such a special day, I put an especially thorough and creative packet together. Check this out:


Amazingly, it's only $1.50 for the first 24 hours. This packet is all you'll need for a wonderful Mother's Day Program and classes all based on ELA Common Core Standards too...Who would have thought?


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