Sunday, April 12, 2015

Spring in to LITERACY SKILLS through Singing, Writing, Drama and Art and a Freebie

How do you do it? I asked a teacher friend of mine how students learn best. Her answer-by weaving together singing, art, reading, and writing activities based on themes. How fun! Connections make learning relevant. Someone told me that I write my ideas down in too short of sentences. Well, I am a poet! And, I think you get more out of something when it's broken down to it's simplest form. Isn't that what our bodies do when they are digesting something?  Yeah, I guess that's kind of a disgusting analogy--but one we can all relate to.
In order to integrate Reading, Writing, Music, and Art into your classroom you need to have materials, resources, and TIME. Creating units of learning with all key ingredients takes a couple years to get organized. One thing that might help is to go to your Reading specialist, Librarian, and Art teacher for resources. They are sure to give you some ideas. Maybe you'll only put Reading, Writing and Art together by doing little flip books this year, and next year you might find a song that goes along with the theme and then more, maybe some books and other poems. Create a Folder on your computer and list the things you've got in your file and create a plan for using them.
where I saw this:
Creating a book report on a T-shirt!

Book Reviews with a difference! Kids design a T-shirt to represent their book and then have to pitch the book to their classmates without giving away the ending.
And here's a great resource:

Anyway, I just created my SPRING AND EARTH SONGS, POEMS, WRITING READERS THEATER BUNDLE. I'm pleased with the poetry section especially and the way I integrated a Reader's Theater and Writing template for each song and poem into one product. And It's on 1/2 sale for the first day-24 hours. That would be ending 4/13 at 10 pm AZ time.

Don't let the opportunity to integrate the arts and literacy SPRING away!Hop on over to my Store today.

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