Saturday, May 30, 2015

Ten T-Shirts for Music Teachers that Will ROCK your CLASS

This might seem a little bit random, --but I got thinking about VISUALS and wondered if it'd make a difference if I was wearing the CONCEPT or BIG IDEA I was trying to teach....It might seem crazy to think that my students would learn something better if I had the concept and maybe a cute graphic to go with it. So I thought I'd do a search on some T-shirts that have important Musical Concepts on them or had inspirational and true statement.  I'm not necessarily a big t-shirt fan but here's one I made from the graphics I created.  It's pretty cute and if nothing else will remind me about my SUPER POWER.
T-Shirt #1
Music Teachers T-Shirt "What's Your Super Power?"
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T-Shirt #2
I can see this as an ice breaker and a great teaching tool too.  Not that you'd point to your shirt--but if you were teaching Dynamics I can hear a Kindergartner shouting, "Hey, look, it's on your shirt!" And you could smile and get a little kick out of that!
"What's Your Dynamic?" Music T-Shirt

This one is ORGANIC and pretty CUTE--it only comes in Kid's sizes though..I really like it-it's more my style shirt. It would go nicely with "CUCKOO" or "BLUE BIRD, BLUEBIRD".
T-Shirt #3
NEW! Sweet Songs Kids Organic Cotton T-Shirt
T-Shirt #4
I recently made this FREEBIE POSTER into a t-shirt too.

T-Shirt #5

Next year I'm going to go with a ROCK STAR THEME--just think if I wore this the first day of school...would that help with classroom management?
Gold Rockstar Magic Motivating Music T-Shirt

T-Shirt #6
Or, how about this shirt the day I'm teaching the BASS CLEF?
Bass Clef lime green Tshirt

T-Shirt #7

Well, I guess this one is self-explanatory--to a Music Teacher!
That's a Sharp. Not a Hashtag. Tee Shirt
Zazzle Music Sharp Shirt Link Here

T-Shirt #8
Maybe this one for teaching Music Symbols?
Musical Notes Music Shirt

T-Shirt #9
Not that I'd actually wear this--or say it, but you have to admit--it does get the message across!
Shut Up Funny Music Women's Dark T-Shirt

T-Shirt #10
I just think this one is pretty!
Music expressions  T-Shirt gift

It might be fun to try an experiment in your classes and just see the kind of response you get from your students when you wear a MUSIC t-shirt-or not. I'd love to hear about your experiences.  By the way....I am not receiving any kickback for the T-shirts that were not created by me. I just found them and thought they worked well with this blog post. Have fun this summer in your Tees! For my graphic T-Shirts check out my ZAZZLE STORE SANDRAHCREATIONS

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