Wednesday, June 17, 2015


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I love reading blogs about the teachers who are new mommies. They inspire me and remind me of simpler and "younger" times. Their stories and adventures make me smile. I'm a grandma now and with some perspective know of some of the sweet and sour times they will face on the journey of parenthood.
It's the same with our students. We have days of sweetness and days of sourness. We have days of joy and days of sadness. As I churn 200 students through my doors every day, I find it difficult to know of all of their joys and hurts--and I feel like my job is maybe to distract them from their troubles for just a few minutes. In music class we can all be the same-all share in the joy of music and music making and learn new things about music and the world, past and present.
My oldest son just graduated from Medical School this past spring, and  packed all of his stuff (which we've been storing in our garage and closets) and headed off to his residency.

It's been an exhausting and demanding journey for him and for me. It's also caused me to reflect on his educational experiences, teachers and overall opportunities that helped him arrive at this amazing junction. He graduated with honors in Math, Science and English from high school while participating in the top Choirs, track team, National Honor Society and many other clubs and groups. As a mom, I've always been challenged me to keep up with him. I attribute his activities in MUSIC as some of his highest achievements that contributed to his overall success in Medical School. Many of his peers were excellent musicians and performers, artists and dancers.
And it's why I believe MUSIC to be essential to every child's educational experience. It's personal for me. It's not just about the MUSIC -but about the whole child! It's also why I believe Music to be a SUPER POWER.

Where else do kids sing in a foreign language, dance, draw pictures of their feelings, compose/create musical patterns, perform, and work together in teams to perform?  MUSIC CLASS!

 And you might want to check out my SUMMERTIME PLANNING PART ONE  on things I do to be the best teacher I can be during the school year.

Overall, we teachers have a great responsibility to challenge, nurture and inspire out students to be great.

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