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Summertime Planning, Purging and Preparing

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The long awaited summer's here and most of us are lowering our shoulders a bit, de-stressing and doing things we don't get to do during the school year. I for one try to get out of the Arizona heat and get to the mountains or the beach.
2 Summer's ago we went to Solitude, UT

Since several of my children and family members live in Utah--I'll be heading there this year. The ones who are going to school in HAWAII (yes, it'd be nice to spend a summer there!) are joining us.  We're just hoping the grand kids can make the trek from Iowa and meet up with us. Here come the airbeds!
Besides all the fun family and vacation activities I would guess that most teachers are spending time doing one or more of these things:I made a cute little poster for myself to encourage my inner self to stick to my goals.


Concert Planning and Organization Packet Printables

This means a lot of different things to different people.
For the new teacher, it might mean getting supplies ordered, developing a curriculum, lesson plans, bulletin boards and concert ideas.
Here are some helpful LINKS for these types of resources.


I've set up a pattern at my school to do THEMATIC UNITS and PROGRAMS. I rotate them every 4-5 years. That way my kiddos from Kindergarten up get a variety of musical experiences while they are in my care.
For Example, last year I did a SCIENCE and GO GREEN theme.
First Graders did a program about Desert Habitats.
Second Graders did a program about GARDENS
My extracurricular CHORUS did a musical I wrote called "WE'RE GOING TO THE RAINFOREST"..not yet available on TPT--but hope to have it up there soon.

Next year I'm doing MUSIC AROUND THE WORLD.
I really think it's important for children to have the experience of singing songs in a foreign language  and folk dancing--which I love.
FIRST GRADE will do "TEMPLES and TOMBS" simplified version that I created.  This program ties in with their Social Studies Standards.
                                   Here's a cute group of 2nd graders from a YouTube Video


I have the children sing at least 1 foreign language song and each class does a dance routine.  I think my favorite one was KARANGATIARA from New Zealand. They had so much fun watching the videos of the MAORI dancers!

And learning the hand movements to Karangatiara....

I always do a song in JAPANESE because we lived there as a family for 6 years. That's me with that great 80's hair do and my four little boys--the baby was only 3 weeks old when we left the states...

I'll also do one traditional American Folk dance. I like "CHICKEN ON A FENCE POST" and have the students play the song and do the dance. We make bandannas for them to wear.
Another favorite of mine is ARTSA ALINU a great song to dance to! This isn't my performance-but it gives the general idea of the dance. My students all wore Blue and White and a bandanna to symbolize Israeli colors.

To finish off the program we'll sing "It's a Small World"-in second grade.

The program has about 6-8 songs in it. Each class does a dance and I teach everyone the words so that they can sing it as the class dances. I also have them learn how to play the songs on instruments.  It takes a bit of planning--but the parents really like the programs.

I keep my programs under 30 minutes. I feel like well prepared is better than an amount of time. I'll be posting some more ideas about programs later...

PURGING- and I don't mean going on a diet!
I try really hard the last month of school to throw, throw, throw away as much as I can. I am going more and more digital and so I don't like to keep thousands of copies of things around.
I have 2 filing cabinets. One drawer is for Quarterly Planning Folders. One drawer is for all of my Guitar and Keyboard plans. One drawer is for the Thematic materials I've created. Like MUSIC HISTORY, BROADWAY MUSIC, SOCIAL STUDIES STANDARDS CONNECTIONS, and more.
I even have a SUBSTITUTE LESSON drawer with printables, CD's, Lesson Plans-just in case I was out for more than a day. My advice is to keep things simple!  Try to go digital!

This year I'm working on recording some songs that are part of my MUSIC CLASS BUNDLE. I'm really excited about the recordings because I put some fun accompaniments in them and the songs are great tools for any classroom teacher. I've already updated all of the graphics and posters. And I'll continue to update it every year as I put more useful things in it for the MUSIC Class Room. I'll be updating this bundle sometime in July.
Music Class Songs, Chants, Games, Lesson Plans, Rules, Pri

Many summers I've attending workshops and training's. This year I'm going to the TPT conference to learn how to make my store better! Hope you have a wonderful summer.
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