Wednesday, June 10, 2015


Hello Friends,
So I shared some pretty personal stuff last week--but I'm sure I'm not the only school teacher who deals with some kind of physical or emotional ailment and is trying to be the best teacher, a super mom, and look great!  And I used PLAN, PURGE, PREPARE in reference to school teaching-it also applies to summer vacation time.
For me, summer is the time to get outside. Unfortunately, I live in Arizona and it's HOT!  So I usually head for Utah where the weather is a bit cooler and more conducive to outdoor activities.This year I'm taking my road bike and mountain bike. (PLAN TO EXERCISE)

The goal is to park the car in the garage and not drive for 2 whole weeks. (PURGING POUNDS)
That means I'll be riding my bike to the grocery store.  That's why I'm bringing up 2 bikes.
I also purchased a groovy computer and hiking backpack for my hiking, biking and shopping needs, and to take on my trip to IOWA to see my grandchildren. Funny, I chose a blue color instead of Black so I can pick it out from my husbands things.
Right now writing this I'm wondering if I'll be too tired to go back to school on July 29th.  Hopefully, I'll get a tan-as I'm glowingly white.

I'll be rested.
I'll be rejuvenated.
(I did try to come up with a word that starts with "R" for suntanned-but red-skin doesn't work too well.)
I encourage all of you to have a RESTFUL AND REJUVENATING Summer Vacation!  Do something completely different than the norm and do something that pushes you physically. (PREPARE FOR CHALLENGE)


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