Saturday, July 25, 2015

Back to school TEACHER FEAR "Will They Remember Anything?"

I don't know about you, but I'm guessing most teachers have a back to school teacher fear. It's a question all of us will most likely ask ourselves over the next few weeks as we prepare to greet our students for the new school year

"Will They Remember Anything?"

My plan is to have my first month totally organized and in a power point. I usually have a theme for the year and will change the power point to reflect the theme. I'll be sharing my ideas over the next few weeks about how I get ready to "WOW" my students. This year it's "MUSIC AROUND THE WORLD". I'm preparing the new posters and classroom decor as I write this--more on that later....
Last year my theme was "The Magical Music Room".

 The students really liked my picture with the top hat and glasses. It brought smiles to their faces and helped them relax and feel comfortable in my room.
Although I change the theme every year, I use a standard set of materials too. I have some that I use for the whole school and I have some that I use for each grade level.
We have a school song and I made a video of it over 10 years ago and still use it every year. It's great to have the song in video format with the lyrics. It's a big hit! We sing it at all of the school assemblies.


 Next I introduce the Classroom Rules and then we play a game. I'll be sharing those things next week.
I thought I'd share a BACK TO SCHOOL freebie with you. It's the new Freebie at my store.

It's a sight singing or a teaching product for mi-so-la. You can use it to assess students, warm up your choir, review or as an extension activity. I'd love your feedback on it too. My goal is to provide easy to use-NO PREP products for the Music Classroom.
Good luck with your planning days. Next week I'll share more about the specifics of the first week of school.

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