Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Summertime is a Good Time for GOALS

Summertime is a good time for goals. Especially if you're a Teacher. Setting goals for teachers comes naturally. I don't know any teacher who isn't constantly setting goals to improve student learning, engagement, skills or test scores. As a teacher, I set goals all the time. I want to do a DUATHLON in October, and so I've set some work out goals.  Basically--I need to work out harder and a bit longer. I discussed some ways to improve the after work schedule to give me enough time to help me achieve my goals.

On the professional side, I've set some goals to work on as I prepare for the next school year and into the first quarter. My first goal is to ENHANCE MY GUITAR CURRICULUM.
I do a pretty good job with my guitar classes, but I'd really like to improve in opportunities for more individual learning. It's hard when you have over 25 students in a guitar class to help students individually. I have found that pairing and sharing is a great tool as students can work on songs together.

My second goal is to improve my blogging skills. I want to provide better resources for teachers to integrate MUSIC with COMMON CORE. I feel like music is getting lost in the rigor of the elementary school classroom.

 My third goal is really a never ending goal, and that is to INCREASE STUDENT ENGAGEMENT.

Last year I experienced some of the most difficult classroom management situations ever. I want to come in prepared for these challenges in my class PROACTIVELY. And that means, STRUCTURE-PROCEDURES-CONSISTENCY-CARING-MOVEMENT ACTIVITIES.
Lastly, I'm continually working on maintaining BALANCE in my BODY-MIND and SOUL.
For me, Exercise is the best stress reducer and I sleep better and I'm happier when I work out hard too.
I feel like I'm always learning new things-especially now that I'm making a go of my TPT store SING PLAY CREATIVELY--my mind is definitely engaged.
Finally, my soul. I'm deeply committed to my beliefs and to making a peaceful way through life. I think the songwriter in me shows this best.  You can learn about SONGS and SCRIBBLES HERE--it's where I share the 'SOULFUL' side of myself.

I encourage you to set some attainable goals as you prepare for the next school year.
I have some fun products at my store that might help you with your planning too.

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