Monday, August 3, 2015

Back to School with Activities, Songs, Games and Chants

I've teamed up with some other bloggers to showcase some great back to school products. One thing that I offer in several of my Back to School products are unique "hello" songs for grades K-6. They  also include chants and games to teach the rules, procedures and to learn names.
Just today I made a new game up for students to learn each other's names. All you need is 1 bean bag. All the students are standing. I tell the students that I'm going to call out someone's name and then I'm going to toss the bean bag to them. Then that person has to call out someone else's name and then toss the bean bag. After they toss--they sit down. It's a great game to play for the last 5-7 minutes of class. As soon as I pull out a bean bag everyone is excited. And when I say we're going to play a game--you'd think they'd won the lottery!  Actually--I just want to learn their names and I want to build classroom community, so I do a lot of these types of activities at the beginning of the school year.
I really believe that singing songs is a great way to engage your students right at the beginning of class. Then we have a lesson and then we play a game.
The video is a sample song from my back to school Music Class Bundle. 

Get to know you games build classroom community. Sing play creatively https:// / store / sing-play-creatively
Posted by SING PLAY Creatively on Thursday, August 13, 2015
You can use any Hello song you like, or even a chant. Add in some clapping, stamping, snapping--and you've got a hit with your students from the get go. You will have them on your team the whole year if you use the whole BRAIN in their activities. This is called power teaching. It's something I'm a big believer in and try to implement in my classroom.
Use songs and chants for classroom management, rewards, transitions and routines. I do--and it makes the day fun and also filled with joy.

Building classroom community at the beginning of the year is such an important part of the elementary classroom teachers job. Many spend so much time on bulletin boards, packets, lesson plans and organizing the classroom and students that games and songs that would help them create a respectful classroom, sometimes get lost in all the other organizing chaos.
Here are 2 products that I put together to help classroom teachers:
BACK TO SCHOOL SONGS: *Elementary Class *Classroom Management

You'll want to hop on over to Sally's Sea of Songs to check out some other fun back to school products. Good luck as you make plans for the beginning of school.

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