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I love singing songs about nature-bugs, plants, gardens, sunshine and more, and I know my students do too. Whether you're an Elementary Classroom Teacher or a Music Teacher, you can use songs with science topics to integrate more science "talk" and "activities" into your classrooms. You can join in the STEM and STEAM movement in the music classroom.  I thought I'd share some of my songs and some ideas on how to use them in your classroom because as we all know,

Music and Movement are key elements to a child's development as seen in this visual from KIDS MUSIC COMPANY.

 This fact filled song, "Spiders" has a cool Disco beat which you can hear in the demo video. "Spiders"


Here's some different ways you could use this song in your classroom.
For Music Teachers, one thing I like to do is to find out when the first and second grade teachers are teaching about Nature or Insects. Then introduce the spider song during that time. It's been proven that teaching concepts through music speeds up learning and retention time. Or if you're a regular classroom teacher, you can pull the song out at the beginning, middle or end of your lesson and use it as an extension activity, or a brain break for your science unit.

USE HAND ACTIONS with the words:
Using hand actions and singing together helps students with literacy skills, fine motor skill development and as little fingers skittle across the air, my students are making brain connections. The more children repeat things the better they become at doing them.

The children can help create the movements for the song. Use the verses and the Chorus to define changes in movement. Keep it simple by using simple actions like:




No matter what movements you choose-try to create a pattern. For example:
Verse 1-March around the room.
CHORUS: Clap Hands
Verse 2-Pat Knees
CHORUS: Clap Hands
Verse 3-Free Dance
CHORUS: Clap Hands

This way you are helping your students stay active and focused!
I've included some literacy activities for each of my science songs too.

Most of all you can have a fun time using music with your science lessons and you'll find that students will SOAR with the information they've learned through singing and moving!

If you like Science songs you can find more HERE
MUSIC: Game Song"Let's Plant a Garden"*Mp3*ORFF*KODALY SolSCIENCE SONG: "Coyote, Coyote" *Desert Habitat *Mp3, PDF, *GameSCIENCE WEATHER Song*WEATHER*SEASONS"It's Just the Weather
SCIENCE SONG: "Saguaro Cactus" Mp3 Tracks *Hand Actions *W
SCIENCE SONG "Sunshine, Sunshine" *Lesson *Writing *Mp3 TracksSCIENCE SONG: "It's Hot in the Desert" *Habitats *Printables *Mp3

SCIENCE SONG: "Germination" Plant Cycle *Writing *Mp3's *T
SCIENCE Learning Song "I Like to Eat My Vegetables" *Mp3
 I hope you'll check out my science songs and Steam ahead through Music!


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