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September 19, 2015

Talk Like a Pirate and Steal This Treasure

Ahoy Matey's!
There be treasure in these here waters today...fine Orff fixin's for all! Who said you can't find free treasure?  Check this out!  A fun Orff song with Melody, Bass, Rhythm with Drum and Bell Ostinato and a cute PIRATE DANCE!  Got a wood peg fer a leg? No problem--this is an easy to do and teach set of lessons you can print and go. Just print out the sheet music from the PDF file and make enough copies for students to play in small groups. Teach 'em all the song and dance and put it together in 1 class or split it into a juicy unit of morsels fer 3-4 classes. Ye can't beat this fer fun!  ORFF SONG AND DANCE "I'M A PIRATE"

Avast! and Yo Ho!  There be more treasure in these waters today. I've slashed my FALL GAME SONG BUNDLE in HALF! That's right, ya get "FIVE LITTLE ACORNS", "I HAD A DOG" and "DOGGIE, DOGGIE" with teaching pages, Rhythm practice, Printables and a fun new game for I had a Dog". I hear me matey's howlin' over it now.  

So step it up and sail on over to Teachers pay tomorrow and search: PIRATEMUSICFLASHSALE
It's upon us now and the pickin's be at 50%!  Don't miss out on a slew of ripe and tasty treasures...and no fightin' or you'll have to walk the plank and there be sharks below. Don't miss the 1 day sale or it will be Davy Jones fer ya. Hoist the sails and anchor's away! Make haste for the Pirate Music Flash Sale, September 19, 2015.
Find your booty and Celebrate! 

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