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Hello Friends,
Last week I blogged about 12 things I do in my classroom every week. Today I'm going to Link Up with Aileen Miracle on the theme of "Three Things" that went well for me last week. We all have those magical teaching moments and I thought it'd be a great idea to share mine with you. A special thanks to
 Whimsy Workshop TeachingKimberly Geswein fonts, and  for their cute clip art and fonts.

#1: Kindergarten Puppet Show
When I teach Timbre-or voice choice to my students I use some fun puppets. I change my voice for each kind of voice-but the fun part is the conversation between Johnny and Janey. Janey has a SHOUTING problem and Johnny is trying to help her. The kids are just cracking up because Janey SHOUTS everything and she wants everyone to look at her when she's shouting and she doesn't care if she's shouting. Even in my most difficult classes every child will be mesmerized by these cute puppets. The great thing too is that the kids really get the concept. After the puppet show we sing songs from the Silver Burdett Music Curriculum. For Kinders it's "Voice Choice" and First Grade its; "Sing, Speak, Whisper, Shout!".  These songs become some of their favorites.
"Arp" the Singing Cat

Mr. Ssssss, "Arp", Janey,and  Johnny

#2: MUSICAL SCALE GAMES for 4-6th graders
I think the most magical moment is when we do a little assessment after the lesson. In this lesson the students are jumping as they say the names of the musical scale. They also hop, run, tip-toe, jump backwards and more. I also have flash card games for them to play. They just go from game, to game, to game after the initial presentation of the concept of only 7 letters in the scale and it repeats over and over and over again. The magic happens at the end when they can recite the letters forwards starting on any letter, fill in the gaps and I never hear the letter "H". YEAH! 
I even took the idea of jumping and used it as a brain break with my 4th graders who are working on their Veteran's Day Program. I just had them make their bubble space and then jump around the room repeating the letters of the musical scale 3 times. It was a great activity and only took 30 secs. 

#3: Second Grade Music Program Songs
We're singing songs from around the world in our Second Grade program this year. I'm using materials from the Silver Burdett 2nd Grade Curriculum. Some of them are "All The Way Around the World", "Kapulu, pulu kane", "Cheki Morena", "Che Che Koolay" and several more. The children are just amazed at how fun these songs are and they are so excited to learn them. After only 2 classes they are begging to do Che che koolay. I divided the class into a girls and boys team and the girls call while the boys respond--this is their favorite part. I can't wait to teach the rest of the songs and put this fun show on for their parents.

Another great thing happening Today!  Is the #labordaymusicsale where you can get some of your favorite products for the price of $3.00.

What were you favorite activities this week? Feel free to share them! And I hope that next week is as magical!

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