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HOW TO USE SCIENCE SONGS in the classroom from MISS JENNY at Edutunes

I know that as soon as I say the word "spider", I've got everyone's attention.  Kids love animals, insects, the weather, and anything that has to do with mother nature. That's why Science songs can be an integral and useful tool to help students internalize science concepts. I'm excited to present “Miss Jenny”, a fellow teacher and some ways she suggests using SCIENCE SONGS in your classroom. Here's some really great things that she and I both use to make the songs effective learning songs.

Her song “Butterfly” is a great example of how using motions helps big ideas come alive. All of my science songs come with Hand Actions too. Students in the primary grades need to do something with those wiggles. Connect your two hands together by the thumbs and let your "fingers" fly like butterfly wings. Make a fist and let the thumb guide the hand in swirling patterns in the air like a bee buzzing...and many more actions help students to remember words and concepts.


You may be shocked by all the high-level words that she includes in one 2-minute song:
When children do the motions, the words start to make sense. Children start to ask questions and make connections as they repeat the song.
 “Miss Jenny” recommends ordering real caterpillars. Use the song as a starting point for an entire unit! They are available from many places…Here’s a link to Carolina Biological where you'll find great information about Butterflies.
"Butterfly" is just one song on Jenny's 18 song/64-page Science Songs CD-book set, available here:  MISS JENNY SCIENCE SONGS CD-BOOK SET 
Another favorite from this CD-book set is "What Will the Weather Be?" “Miss Jenny” teaches about temperature, cloud-cover, wind speed, and precipitation in one 2-minute song. Children can move with the song to make concepts come to life. They can also read along to improve their fluency skills. Ask simple questions like, “What do you notice?” at the end of the song. Children will naturally bring up phonics, and vocabulary comments and questions, along with connections to their own lives. Record information about temperatures, cloud cover, wind speeds, and precipitation daily to turn this song into a unit of study. “Miss Jenny” has included related songs like “The Water Cycle,” follow-up activities like water cycle bracelets, “My Cloud Fun Book,” and karaoke versions of every song to encourage children to read and sing independently. 

I like to use Science songs as part of my music programs. I put together a garden program (soon to come out on TPT) for my Second graders and they just loved it. I think their two favorite songs were, "Germination" and "WEEDS", which is a rap. Right now you can get "Germination" for FREE at my STORE! The song is upbeat and easy to learn and best of all, I included HAND ACTIONS and some printables to help students remember what that BIG word really means.


The last point I want to share about using SCIENCE SONGS in the classroom is that the SONG needs to be FUN and CATCHY! Students are more likely to sing and remember concepts if they like the music. Just listen to the songs I've featured here and you'll know that your students will love them.

You can find many more science songs at SING PLAY CREATIVELY: SCIENCE SONGS"It's Hot in the Desert", "Saguaro Cactus", "Coyote", "I Like to Eat my Vegetables" and more...

Exciting news! Miss Jenny and I are giving away 2 SCIENCE SONG FREEBIES

MISS JENNY:  "Butterfly" along with a karaoke version and a packet of materials as a FLASH FREEBIE! Don't forget to rate it if you love it & follow her on Teachers Pay Teachers.

SING PLAY CREATIVELY: "Germination"  a song to teach about the Plant Cycle with Writing, Mp3 vocal and Karaoke tracks and Hand Actions.
How do you use science songs in your classroom?

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