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New Website!
New Website!


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WWW.SINGPLAYCREATE.COM Hey friends! I hope you've noticed- I've shortened the name of my store to SING-PLAY-CREATE! And. ....

March 7, 2016



First-let's check on how I did in February....uhhh..ding, ding, ding...NO!
I have 204 products in my store-I am almost done revising the main items..I'm up to April and still have May to go. I got sidelined due to my youngest son's graduation...awwww too bad...he graduated from college in HAWAII! I had to go--such a sad tale.

So, my March goals are these:
1-Continue on my Paleo diet and lose 10 more pounds (I've lost 20).
2-Seriously-finish updating my store--I'm so close I can taste victory!
3-Beef up my Ukulele skills and write some Hawaiian Island inspired music for my students and my store!  "I like a Pineapple, Pineapple, juicy and yellow and oh, so sweet-yeah, pineapple....."
I'm lucky that my spring break is in March-so I'm pretty confident that I'll be able to complete my goals this month. The diet is actually the most difficult-but I just got a juicer and a spiralizer and I'm looking forward how to use them to help me with my eating plan.
Happy Kayaking!

What are your goals and who or what will help you achieve them?

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