New Website!

New Website!
New Website!


Sing Play Create New Website!

WWW.SINGPLAYCREATE.COM Hey friends! I hope you've noticed- I've shortened the name of my store to SING-PLAY-CREATE! And. ....

April 2, 2016


How did I do this past month?
1-Continue on my Paleo diet and lose 10 more pounds (I've lost 20).
Ooooo...still working on that!
2-Seriously-finish updating my store--I'm so close I can taste victory!
Almost all of my products are now updated. It's been a rewarding process to go through them and add more elements, graphics to help teachers, better graphics and product designs and improved student materials.
3-Beef up my Ukulele skills and write some Hawaiian Island inspired music for my students and my store!  "I like a Pineapple, Pineapple, juicy and yellow and oh, so sweet-yeah, pineapple....." I didn't get that song written yet! But it's still on my list. I took a break from creating products to finish up some decor in my house. 
I think it went from BLAH . . .
to WOW!

 We're also enjoying our outdoor space . . .

1-Write the Ukulele songs strumming in my brain.
2-Work on cleaning out old papers in my filing cabinet at work.
3-Create some games especially for 5th and 6th graders.

No foolin' I'm keeping my goals to 3 for this month in the hope that I can achieve them.

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