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September 18, 2016

"National Talk Like a Pirate Day" Music Education Treasures

Ahoy matey's! How arrr ye celebrating "National Talk Like a Pirate Day?" Will ye be a good ol' seadog and pillage and plunder? Arrrgh ye scallywags, or will ye walk the plank? 
  Well, blow me down! I've got some great music lesson treasures I've looted  from some of my favorite Music Teacher Friends and some Freebies for you to use in your classroom, savvy? 
You may want to have students learn some pirate vocabulary! Here's a fun video on how to speak pirate.
There be a great site with a PIRATE WORD LIST and PIRATE FACTS AND INFO avast!
For the lassies and laddies you'll find "Jake and the Never Land Pirates-talk like a pirate!" more appropriate. They be authentic pirate matey's!

Ye and yer matey's will be wanting to chant and sing all day! And ye regular classroom teachers will want to join in the fun and read the chants and write one too!  Pirate Chants and Activities for K-6 students. Music and Classroom Teachers will love the chants and printables for writing and rhythm activities to last the whole week long.
Pirate Rhythm Chants K-6 Lessons, Activities and Printables

It's a pirate's life fer me, matey's and all I'll be doing is dancing and singing this here tune. 
Orff Pirate Song and Dance: "I'm a Pirate" with Sheet Musi
This here set of treasures is the perfect way to give students an overview of music from all around the world, whether as an introduction or as a capstone lesson. 
World Music Introduction: Pirates Find the Treasures!
The set includes powerpoint slides with links to videos showing authentic musical performances from 17 different countries.
Now matey's, how about a treasure to: 

-prepare, present and practice syncopa

-prepare, present, practice low la

#talklikeapiratemusicsale Peg Leg the Pirate {Syncopa} {Low La}
In case your laddies and lassies want to join the crew, ye might inform them about PIRATE SHIP PARTS, and the great Jolly Roger!

There be musical treasure abounding here!
Ahoy! Students will love searching for 24 musical rhythms and symbols "I Spy" style. You can use this with individual students as a review or you use in a class setting dividing into teams. Answer key is included.
(I Spy...) Musical Treasure Hunt

Me matey Pirates love a good yarn!  Why not have them compose "A Pirates Life" Creative Story Composition?
Creative Story Compositions- A Pirates Life!
The purpose of the creative story compositions is to kickoff the composition process in a creative way. 
Students have 3 options:
1) Improvise
2) Create a sound story
3) Notate their story

Me matey's and I always love a good game. So will your students!
Ahoy Matey's: A Music Symbol Card Game

Before ye drink too much grog ye might want to take a look at:
Pirate Theme for the Music Classroom Bundle
a music themes bulletin board and banner set.
Take it from me, an Old Salt, there be pieces of eight below, savvy?
#talklikeapiratemusicsale X Marks the Spot Active Rhythm h
X Marks the spot ActiveRhythm Hunting Game
or bring out the drums and pound away!
#talklikeapiratemusicsale Pirate Drumming Bundle Rhythm/Pe

If ye be a landlubber then it'll be no salmagundi fer ye at dinner tonight! You'll be swabbing the deck and practicing yer Pirate Rhythms!
Pirate Rhythms - Read and Write the Pirate Way!

Now heave ho and put some muscle in it before I get the hempen halter!
Ye'll be writin' yer pirate chants down fer yer homework tonight!
#talklikeapiratemusicsale Pirate Composing
Here be more treasure!
A Trio of Musical Pirate Adventures

Avast and Weigh anchor Hoist the mizzen!!  It's Talk Like a Pirate day to be sure and now ye are ready to commandeer the enemy!

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