Monday, October 3, 2016

How to Have a Howling Good Time in Music Class

How can you have a howling good time in music class?
I've got some fun ideas for you to use that won't require tons of preparation. Just be prepared for some Howling Good Times! Not that I want my students howling, but I do want them to have a good time in music class. That requires a bit of vision on my part.
One thing that I like to do for Halloween music lessons is to have my students learn a whole bunch of songs and chants and then during the week of Halloween I have them perform them for each other on the little stage in my classroom. You could have them perform in a circle.

 This activity really helps keep their energy focused and gives them a chance to shine. I do Music movement activities in between the little performances.
Some of my favorite activities are:
What's especially nice about my resources is that you can project them and teach from the pages easily. They are sequenced and ready to use. For most of October we'll begin class with some "Howling" vocal warm ups using Monster Vocal Explorations.
Halloween Vocal Explorations with Monsters
One of my very favorites is this fun Rhythm Chant and Game.
Halloween Music Game and Rhythm Lesson "Boo Hoo, What are You?"
For part of the class we'll play our rhythm instruments using this collection of activities.
Halloween Rhythm and Composition Activities with Instrumen
This is a big hit in my classroom. I love it because the students have to look at the pictures, pay attention to the rhythms and play an instrument.  They are totally "Howling"!

You can find many of my Halloween resources bundled up for greater savings.
Halloween Music Lessons" Witch-Witch" "Pumpkin" "Black Cat

If it doesn't work out to do the performances, then I use my Halloween Brain Breaks activity cards with my Halloween playlist. 
Halloween Brain Breaks for Elementary and Music Teachers K-6

Sometimes I have students two times in one week, and so I might pull out some listening activities-especially if students seem to be howling a bit too much!
Halloween and Fall  Music Class Listening and Coloring Gly

Most of these lessons are perfect for Kinder-4th grade. BUT! I have included sheet music and orff arrangements in them so that you can have your upper elementary students play Halloween songs.
And Halloween Music class would not be totally Howling good fun if we didn't sing and play a familiar favorite, “Skin and Bones”. Whether using the Orff arrangement, learning the solfege or teaching Em on the guitar, you'll be able to use the cool video or the power point to teach. Easy to print PDF files included. K-6 Lesson adaptations included too.
Halloween Song "Skin and Bones" Orff, Kodaly, Guitar Lesso
You’ll find this 50+ page resource chock full of easy to use and easily adaptable materials-including a VIDEO-to be a welcome addition to your Halloween music lessons.
There are parts for sop & bass xylophone, wood block, triangle, and guitar. Each part is on a separate sheet with and without note names so that you can print and give to students for small group practice. All sheets are in color and part of the presentation and also in black and white for easy printing.
The guitar teaching pages have the chord and how to strum.
The printable is an adaptable activity for filling in “spooky rhythms”-you can use it with any Halloween Lesson! The complete video is on YouTube for you to use.

Using a video to teach is a great way to keep students engaged. If you have a smartboard, you can control the video from the board. If not, you can use your computer and put a small group of students at it to practice their part while you work with the rest of the class.
The video is divided into sections-singing, Note reading, Orff parts, Solfege and Guitar.
Maximize your student’s learning experience with this innovative tech tool.
I also love finding great lessons on my teacher friend's blogs:
Sing Like a Monster is a blog post all about encouraging students to sing a solo.
Over at O For Tuna Orff
O For Tuna Orff: Sing Me A Monster:

If you're interested, I have a MONTHLY MUSIC CLASS HALLOWEEN BUNDLE of Resources
Halloween Music Class Monthly Bundle: Songs, Games, Kodaly
And here's a poem to help you have a howling good time in music class! I know you will!

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