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November 22, 2016

#WhyITeachMusic : Stories to Motivate and Inspire

Last week I shared the things that motivate and inspire me to teach music and invited you to share your #whyiteachmusic stories as well. I absolutely loved reading the responses! If you're looking for a "pick me up" you'll find lot's of positive vibes in all of the blog posts. I hope you'll be able to read the other blog posts, and the comments, sometime this week. For me, it's set a tone of thankfulness in my heart and I think has been the perfect way to get ready for Thanksgiving here in the US.
I've got the giveaway winners to announce at the end of this post, but first I'm sharing three of my favorite comments that were posted. I love reading people's responses to the things I write-because I love making the connection. So thank you to all of you who shared!    
1. "I love The light bulb that goes on in their eyes when they master a new concept." 
2."Just this past week, I was reminded at the start of my day that I am important AS A MUSIC TEACHER and that I DO make a difference. A parent drove up to drop their 5th grader off for school; this 5th grader has struggled in other area schools and transferred to our school at the start of this year. I've heard he struggles in most of the other classrooms of our school this year. As they drove up and he saw me, his countenance immediately changed to a beaming smile. He is a strong musical learner and has found 'his place' in my musical world. It's rewarding when you can be part of making another life better in some way."
3. "When you are meant to do something - nothing will stop you!"  
And just today I had a little 1st grader (who has actually struggled at times in class because he isn't very social) come to my classroom and give me his composition. We'd used "Yankee Doodle" to practice beat and rhythm and he'd written his own version of it for me. 

And, I think for the first time ever--I had a 6th grader come to my room today and tell me "Happy Thanksgiving, and thanks for all you do!"  I about fell over!  
Was it the "spirit" of the blog post that put me in this "grateful" place?  I don't know-but Thank you for joining in with me. 
On to the winners! The winner of my
(insert prize here) is:  Brooke Chamberlain 
There were seven other winners too! If you see your name below, check your email (the one you used to enter) for a message about your prize!

O for Tuna Orff (Aimee): Christy Gibson 
Music with Mrs. Tanenblatt : Dan Leopold 
Floating Down the River (Linda): Jenny Trites
Sing to Kids (Jennifer): Becca Fiscus
Sing Play Creatively (Sandra): Brooke Chamberlain 
Music Teaching and Parenting (Maria): Blanca InezSuzanne Fleischmann Bishop
Sally's Sea of Songs: Erin Scharman Middelhoven
Organized Chaos (Elizabeth): Michaela Gibbons
I hope you have found some fresh energy to keep you motivated this week and through the busy holiday season. I'm so grateful to have this community of music educators to support each other!

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