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December 5, 2016


If you're like me--you may not have a handle on everything all the time anyway, so the Holidays can become overwhelming and downright DEVOLSON!   I hope that you'll take my thoughts as just what they are "my" thoughts and feelings. In no way am I trying to convince you of anything--but I felt impressed to share some of myself with you.
 Mainly my mantra has become: "KEEP IT SIMPLE". Two of my four children were born in December and so it's always been a bit crazy trying to make them feel special about their Birthdays and also keep Christmas special too. I hit a wall a while ago with the December dizzies--with 2 birthdays and concerts and performing and gift giving and celebrating--the list was always endless and I ended up staying up too late every night and usually getting the flu the day or the day after Christmas. So I'm going to share some ideas about keeping things in balance. I am not promoting anyone's products here-but have put some links in so you can check out prices and resources.

If you're like me, I keep my kids moving with dances, brain breaks and other activities during the holiday season. So why shouldn't I do the same? These are some of my favorite "tools" for de-stressing. I have a yoga stretch band which I use religiously every night after my work out.
Here I have some small weights that I use when I don't want to get too sore the week of a concert.
    I love stretch bands too and my STABILITY BALL Did you know you can do a whole workout with these things?  Stretch band workouts are great for concert weeks because they keep everything limber and loose, but don't task me so much that I'm walking around sore and trying to organize a hundred kids and perform. STRETCH BAND WORKOUT. 
This is my favorite tool. It's a foam roller. You can get a lot of those neck and shoulder, lower back and leg muscles worked over for much cheaper than a massage would cost! You can find one HERE: 

And the best thing of all is to take a HOT BATH! I love Dr. Teal's can find them  HERE.  A little candle light and some lavendar oil will de-stress and relax you--that way you can get a good night sleep.

I love the words on this wall art that I have hanging in my kitchen. When I found it in the store I had to have it because "MAKE MUSIC" is in bold and the words just sum up what I try to do every day as a Music Teacher.
For Me, family has always come first and I found this wood word decor and put it on my family room shelves to remind me what's important every day.

If you had to choose 1 thing that's important to you to do no matter what--what would it be?
For me it would be to spend Christmas with my family. Since all my children are grown up--we have to spread ourselves around and spend vacations and holidays with different families. The years of Christmas's together add up to a lot of wonderful memories for us. 

In the past I've  made it a point to participate in some kind of musical celebration. I've sung in my church choir, or been the director (as I am this year), sung at care centers and nursing homes, at public events and of course directed programs as a music teacher. I have so many wonderful memories of doing these kinds of performances over the years. I guess for me, doing something musical is more important that even giving gifts or receiving them. I want to make a difference in people's hearts through music. I've written many holiday songs and recorded some of them. 
You can check out the preview here: Holiday Song Preview Videos
Overall, I've learned to let go of the things I can't do and embrace the ones that matter most to me. I wish you the very best in "Handling the Holidays" no matter what you believe, or where you are...may peace find it's way into your heart. And just maybe....


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