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December 19, 2016

Happy Holiday Freebie!

Happy Holidays and a Holiday Freebie! With all teachers on the countdown to their Holiday Break, including myself-I thought I'd pass along a Holiday Freebie!

 Here's some ways you can use the Holiday Freebie!
 The card template can be used for so many different things.
It makes a cute thank you card, reward ticket, program cover, or gift tag!

I love the idea of using the Nutcracker Ballet coloring sheet for a Center. In fact-each coloring sheet could be a different center. Or, students could make up a little melody for each character and share it in their group.

Hanukkah-"I Have a Little Dreidel"
I'm teaching my Guitar students to play the chords. I like to use songs that they can easily sing.


Kwanzaa- "Sing Noel", an African Christmas Song
The easiest Ostinato in the world- ta ta ti-ti ta works nicely with this African Holiday Song. I also share with my students that "Noel" means "Joy". It's an easy song for Kinders to learn. Try this activity with your K-2 students. Begin by singing the song one time having them pat the beat on knees or hand drums. Then have them play the ostinato as you play the song. The third time-have them sing and play the Ostinato, or have 3 groups, Singers, Steady Beat Drums and Ostinato group and play together.

Christmas- "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" or "Jingle Bells". For an easy Orff activity, use the arrangement I made in this video:  "Have a Jolly-Jinglin' Time in Music Class"

And don't forget to grab these editable bookmarks you can use for holiday gifts. Holiday Bookmarks Freebie
                       Freebie: Holiday Editable Bookmark
I hang this little poster by my door during December so that I can remember to use it. As students are leaving I'll ask them to say "Ho, Ho, we're silent as snow--". Or if I want to get the students quiet I'll say, in my Santa voice, "Ho, Ho, Ho, let's be silent as snow".

                    Freebie: Holiday Classroom Management Poster
It's a forever freebie! 
Most of all I'm wishing you a Happy Holiday and a Restful Break!

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