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January 8, 2017

How to Celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day and Teach Respect and Kindness

 I tell my students that Martin Luther King Jr. made his stand for freedom in a peaceful way. He taught all of us  to deal with conflict with respect and kindness. When I teach songs about him, I tell my students that he cared so much for everyone that he was willing to stand up and fight for his belief's when he didn't know the outcome. He fought with his words and with his peaceable actions. I love teaching about him and sharing the great music that is associated with his cause and that reinforces his contribution to the world. The songs are great conversation starters.
Here are some of my favorite songs:
"Sing about Martin"
Here's an example of the sign language you can teach to your students.

After singing the song I'll ask students to share 1 thing they do to show kindness.
Another favorite and great teaching song is "Ev'rybody Oughta Know". This is a great video of a young student singing "Ev'rybody Oughta Know".


I love this video of "Dance Mom's" to an interesting version of "Free At Last"

Here's Pete Seeger sharing his thoughts in an interview about how he performs the song ""We Shall Overcome".

If you want your students to sing along--this video is just the lyrics. The music is Peter Seeger singing at a live concert. 


I've had my 3rd graders perform a music program about the Civil Rights Journey in America. One of the songs that we sing is "Back of the Bus"
This video has some nice original photos and an authentic recording of the song.


There are many wonderful children's books written to help teach children about MLK day. This is a link to another blog with a whole list of them. This book is found on Amazon--I am not affiliated with this link. 

Martin's Big Words: The Life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

During preparation for the program, I felt inspired to write a new song about him. The song features some clapping, an Orff Arrangement and also incorporates a Call and Response section. The kids love it too! I feel like this song is easy enough to learn in 1 lesson if you are just going to sing it..but Black History Month is all of January-so we'll do it for 2 weeks adding it to the other material we've been working on. My 3rd graders are going to perform it in their program playing the instruments for their own accompaniment. My sixth graders play it on a C chord and love it. We tap the guitar instead of clapping. Fourth graders can read and play the Orff arrangement.
Martin Luther King Jr. Orff Song and Lesson with Mp3 Tracks


Elementary Classroom teachers will want to take a look at:


So excited to present some of my Poetry and Songwriting skills in this bundle. The writing activities will help students internalize concepts about M.L.K., like KINDNESS. I felt like it was important to make each song and poem express a different aspect of MLK's life and his dream. The readers theater teaches about the basic facts of his life and his contribution to society. Using songs and poems is a great way to help students learn reading and writing skills.  
MARTIN LUTHER KING, JR. Songs, Poems, Reader's Theater and Writing Activities    There are also writing templates for you to use in your Daily 5 and seat work.
Elementary Classroom Teachers can use this song too!
"Martin Luther King" 
I hope you enjoy teaching your students about the real meaning behind MLK Jr. Day.

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