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January 29, 2017

How to Make February a Month of Caring and Kindness

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I've noticed that many teachers are implementing more and more procedures and activities that help promote an atmosphere of caring and kindness in their classrooms. Why?
I think that the hustle and bustle of life is pretty stressful for all of us-but especially for kids. From getting up in the morning, going to day care-then being dropped off at school, back to day care and then home to a quick dinner and then bed time-or an evening of sports and other activities creates a sense of urgency and business in their lives- and in ours.  Sometimes my head just spins at what some of my students are doing every day! I think we can all agree that the world is moving much faster than before and sometimes little feet, brains and hearts can’t keep up!  I’ve shared my feelings about mindfulness and how to keep stress levels down HERE, but I thought February would be the perfect month to share some ideas on how to put
put a little “kindness” in your classroom this month.


I’ve changed the way I teach quite a bit over the last few years. I’m spending more time listening to my students and trying to understand what’s going on in their lives. Their world is pretty different from the one I grew up in-and so I find that if I listen to what’s happening in their world I can relate to them better.


I like to think that I am a kind person. And I’m not sure if my students would describe me as such or not-but I’ve been focusing on one student in every class to try to make them feel extra special that day. It’d be great to make the whole class feel special-and I use many of these tools all the time-but I’ve given myself a challenge to focus on one student every class time. It might be more personal attention and help with fingering during ukulele’s. Or it might be a quiet compliment as I monitor the room. It could be pulling that student aside and just talking and listening to them. It depends on the lesson and activity. I’ve been really paying attention to my quieter students too. It’s very rewarding and keeps the whole class calm and focused because they see me working with another student and then realize they need to be working too.


 I've collected some fun, easy and FREE resources for you to use in your classroom this month. I hope you'll take the challenge and make February a month of #kindness.

Random Acts of Kindness activity
Over at "That Teaching Spark"

"I Like You and You Like Me"
You'll find:
PDF files
Mp3 Files
Video sing along
Classroom posters
Writing activities
Ink Friendly posters

                            Valentine's Day Scoot: A Kindness Activity (Editable)
Valentine's Day Scoot Activity

                   Freebie: Valentine's Day Music Class Composition Card for

                             Kindness Activities
Kindness Activity
Radial Symmetry COLLABORATIVE KINDNESS Activity Coloring P

 Collaborate and Be Kind

I created some adorable Valentine Cards for Elementary Classroom teachers to use as a kindness activity:
                    Freebie: Valentine Writing Card and Color Printable

Hopefully practicing all of this kindness will help the world be a kinder place. Have a wonderful February and enjoy all the holidays!
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