About Me

   Hey Friends,

Can you relate to any of these things?
*Teacher tiredness from being on your feet all day dancing-
*Chocolate-the dark, dark, dark kind-
*Stressed out with planning for multiple grades and programs-
*Yoga for stretching and decompressing-
*Vocal burnout from singing ALL the time-
*Hiking and Biking to get back to nature-
*Doing Yoga Morning and Night to stay calm-
*Family and Friends who love you no matter what-

Then you are like me-and I'm like you. And I began a TPT store so that I could help out with some of the stresses for teachers.
Your job is hard-demanding-never ends- 

I'm Sandra-the creator behind Sing Play Creatively, and my passion is all about providing creative and original resources for teachers who want to have inspiring, fun and joyful learning moments with their students.  
In my online store, I offer music curriculum resources as well as literacy products. You'll find songs, games, poetry, stories and writing activities for every classroom.
*Music Essentials curriculum resources
*Orff and Kodaly based lessons
*Music Programs
*Reader's Theater scripts
*Sing-Read-Write original song stories
*Brain Breaks and Games
*Thematic Songs, Poems, and Writing Bundles

You and I both know that creative learning opportunities empower students across all subject areas. Check out some of my resources HERE

SING PLAY CREATIVELY promotes Active and Engaging Resources for Home school, Preschool, Music and Elementary School Teachers. Resources include GAMES, MUSIC, and LITERACY products.
I've been a General Music teacher for 16 years and love it still. I love singing and playing with the children. I love hearing their sweet voices sing songs from the heart. I love to share in their achievements as learners and performers. It brings great joy--and I feel privileged to be a part of their elementary school experience. My wish is that all teachers would incorporate the ARTS into their classroom teaching so that children can sing-play-LIVE creatively. 
I'm also a grandma, a mom and wife. I have 4 sons who are now all grown up!  I have 4 grandchildren too.

We lived in Japan for 6 years as a young family.

 One thing I like to do is workout--my favorites are Yoga/Pilaties,hiking and biking. I especially like to be out doors.

  Most of all, I want everyone to

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